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Ball Check

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Ball Check Valve

True Union Type (1/2" - 4")
  • Lower initial cost compared to other valve types.
  • Full-length body guide ribs allow maximum flow, minimize turbulence, and prevent ball sticking and chatter.
  • True Union design facilitates ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Less than one (1) psi to open.
  • Requires only 3 - 5 psi (depending on size) to close down tight.
  • Seats and seals are easily replaceable.
  • Optional PVC screen assembly converts standard ball check to foot valve.
  • Available in socket, threaded, or flanged (ANSI B16.5 class 150).
  • Less than 1 PSI Pressure to operate.
  • Operates in vertical or horizontal installations.
  • One piece seat & seal.
  • Excellent flow characteristics.


3 Seat Carrier 1 PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF
4 Connector 1/2 PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF
5 Union Nut 1/2 PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF
6 Seat 1 EPDM,VITON®
7 Seat Carrier O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITON®
8 Solid End O-Ring 1 EPDM,VITON®
9 Flanged Cut 1 PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF
10 Foot Valve Screen Assembly 1 PVC

VITON® is a trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers

Design Specifications

TVI Ball Check Valves (1/2" - 4")

Design Specifications - Thermoplastic Ball Check Valves (1/2" - 4") are of all thermoplastic construction. Body has full length ribs for maximum flow, minimum pressure drop, and to eliminate ball sticking and chatter. Ball is of solid thermoplastic material. Seat is full circle and resilient. A molded gasket seal and seat enlarges seating surface and facilitates maintenance. Valves require less than one (1) PSI to open and 3 -5 PSI to close drop tight. Valves are capable of installation in either vertical or horizontal pipe run. Valves are readily adaptable for foot valve service with the addition of a screen assembly. Materials of construction shall be as follows: (select as required for service)

Body/Union Nut/End Connectors - PVC, CPVC, ASTM D-1784, PP, ASTM D-4101, PVDF, ASTM D-3222

Ball - PVC,CPVC, ASTM D-1784, PP,ASTM D-4101, PVDF,ASTM D-3222

Seat/Seal - EPDM, Ethylene - Propylene Diene Monomer, Fluorocarbon - Viton® (DuPont Performance Elastomers), Fluorel (3M Corp.)

End connectors shall conform to the following standards:

Socket - ASTM - D-2467 (PVC,SCH-80), ASTM, F-437 (CPVC, SCH-80)

Threaded - ASTM - D-2464 (PVC, SCH-80), ASTM - F-437 (CPVC, SCH-80)

Flanged - ANSI - B16.5 Class 150

Not recommended for compressed air or gas service.