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Industries We Serve

TVI Valves has been producing high-quality metal and plastic valves for more than three decades, and we’re proud to serve a diverse variety of industries all over the world including water treatment, landfills, processing facilities, chemical plants, and pool & spa.

Water Treatment

There are different types of wastewater valves that are essential to keep water treatment facilities operating at their best, but the most popular are ball valves and ball checks. TVI Valves offers larger sized butterfly valves and wafer check valves to regulate flow and eliminate the risk of backflow and its associated damage.

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant. Water Treatment Water Treatment


A landfill serves as a sanitary solution to waste, and this industry exclusively uses butterfly valves. Stem extensions are often incorporated to bring the handle and gear boxes out of the ground to manually turn the butterfly valve off and on. Swing checks have recently become a popular option due to their desirable price point, and they are usually put into a pit, or enclosed area with a lid, to allow easy access to them without cross contamination or backflow.

Valves also play a role in the collection and processing of landfill gas (LFG), which consists of almost 50% methane, and allows for it to be used as an excellent renewable energy source – primarily for preventing methane from moving into the atmosphere.

Garbage truck dumping the garbage on a landfill Plastic bottles at landfill

Processing Facilities

Processing facilities use all types of valves, such as actuated valves and especially diaphragm valves to allow for flow control in large pipelines. Processing facilities may also use ball checks and swing checks, depending on what is running through the pipes. 

Processing Facilities Clean and fresh gala apples on a conveyor belt in a fruit packaging warehouse

Chemical Plants (Pharmaceutical) 

Chemical plants use actuated ball valves, diaphragm valves, and ball valves to ensure optimal flow and precision, which is extremely important within this industry. Chemical plants will often incorporate “dosing” to regulate GPM, or gallons per minute. Chemical plants have stringent sanitation requirements, so wafer checks are commonly used to prevent cross contamination and backflow.


The pool and spa industry commonly uses ball valves and universal butterfly valves to direct the flow of water. These valves are a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option for controlling flow. The pool and spa industry also commonly uses ball checks, which are often used near the pumps to prevent pressure against them. 

Pool Spa Pool/Spa

Water Parks

Water parks tend to use check valves to ensure water flows upward and is positioned near the top of slides. These valves provide the added benefit of holding the water in the pipe after the pump is shut off. This allows for immediate water flow when the pump is switched on the next day instead of waiting for the pipes to refill.

Water Parks

How TVI Valves Can Help You

TVI Valves offers valves, actuators, and more for all of the above-mentioned industries and others, including mining, irrigation, and fertilization. Our ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find your next valve solution, or browse our catalog.