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TVI Valves has over 30 years of experience serving as a leading provider of high-quality valves and accessories. We have developed global partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers, allowing us to provide high-level valve solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our team is committed to excellent customer service and the fastest turnaround times possible. We offer a wide range of valve products, including the highest quality swing check valves available.


Types of Swing Check Valves from TVI

A swing check valve is a butterfly-style check valve with a movable disc that swings on a shaft or hinge to allow or restrict flow. The disc swings off the seat, allowing forward flow, and swings back into position to limit backflow when the flow stops.

Swing check valves typically employ a lever and weight, or a lever and spring, to achieve maximum performance, with the weight of the disc and the return flow both impacting the shut-off characteristics of the valve. 

TVI Valves offers swing check valves with features such as:

  • Body, bonnet, disc assembly, and shaft molded from thermoplastic
  • Size: ¾–8”
  • Flanged ends to facilitate compatible installation between ANSI B16.5 Class 150 flanges
  • Operation under working pressures from 70–150 psi
  • No inner metal components
  • Disc provides a full-face seal
  • Create a tight seal under minimal back pressure


Swing Check Valve vs. Wafer Check Valve Use Cases

Swing check valves and wafer check valves both work to block backflow from occurring in a pipeline and use a swinging disc to block and allow flow in one direction.

  • Wafer check valves are designed to fit in the tight area found between two flanges. The disc in the center swings opens in one direction and closes if liquids flow in reverse. These valves are flanged in place, leaving little room for the disc to open in the pipeline.
  • Swing check valves have molded bodies around the area where the disc opens and are not designed for extremely tight spaces. The molded area around the disc creates room for it to swing open and allow fluids to flow freely.


Swing Check Valve vs. Lift Check Valve Uses

Lift check valves are commonly found in industrial and power plant applications, as well as in high-rise buildings. While lift check valves are reliable and cost-effective to buy, the disc remains in the flow stream during operation which may cause higher energy costs. They are preferred for some applications because they have no external moving parts.

Swing check valves are more often used in different applications than lift check valves, such as water and wastewater pumping systems. They are automatic and require no outside power source, as the valve is controlled by the flow pressure. Swing check valves provide unobstructed flow and close automatically when pressure decreases.


Swing Check Valves From TVI

Swing check valves are a critical component for controlling unidirectional flow within a piping system. High-quality swing check valves provide an ideal low maintenance solution for a variety of industrial applications. To learn more about swing check valves and the full line of valve solutions available from TVI Valves, contact us today.