TVI Valves
Custom Valve Solutions

Landfill Industries Served

  • Hoodmill Landfill
  • Tully Town Landfill
  • Advanced Disposal
  • Sutton Brook Disposal Site
  • Ontario County Landfill
  • High Acres Landfill
  • Lanchester Landfill
  • Grows Landfill
  • Chafee Landfill
  • Kingsland Landfill
  • South Hadley Landfill
  • Bondi Island Landfill
  • Laurel Highland Landfill
  • Sarasota County Central Landfill
  • Commonwealth Env. Landfill
  • DSWI Ci Landfill Operations
  • Bethal Landfill
  • Chrin Bros. Landfill
  • Seccra Landfill
  • Riverbirch Inc. Landfill
  • Pioneer Crossing Landfill
  • Hilltop Sand and Gravel Landfill
  • Waste Management Northwest Landfill
  • Kelly Run Sanitation Inc
  • Seneca Meadows Landfill
  • Sussex County Landfill
  • Catoosa City Gateway Landfill
  • Town of Bourne Landfill


  • Maynard Styles WWTP
  • City of Sevierville WWTP
  • Jacksonville Beach WWTP
  • TA Loving North Buffalo Creek WWTP
  • Chester WWTP
  • Everett Bay WWTP

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To our valued partners,

First and foremost, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and everyone that is part of our
TVI family is our top priority. We are diligently taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone
protected during this time.

As it stands, our office and warehouse are open and operating as usual. Our factory is up and running as
usual. Material pick up is still available, and our shipping capabilities are continuing. Should this need to
change, our organization is fully prepared to serve our customers without disruption. Over the past year,
we have invested in technology that allows our staff to work off site if necessary. All phone messages are
sent directly to our email, so that we can respond. Now more than ever, these advances will allow us to
continue to meet the needs of our partners as we always have.

Our commitment to providing the best support to our customers and partners remains unchanged, but if
there is any way we could better serve you, please let us know.

We are sending our sincerest wishes for good health during this time.

Mark Creyer
Vice President Sales and Marketing