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Valve Accessories

Since 1986, TVI has provided quality valves and accessories to customers around the world. We offer a range of specialized accessories for everything from petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals. With an extensive selection of plastic and metal valves and components, we have what you need for fluid flow optimization. Learn more about our valve accessories below or browse our catalog.

Valve actuators


A valve actuator is the mechanism used to open and close a valve. It can be operated manually through the use of a gear, wheel, or lever; however, actuators that require more force often use hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical power. Actuators can be automated for industrial settings, which is also more efficient and allows remote operation. All actuators from TVI are mounted and tested to ensure optimal operation. Our heavy-duty designs ensure reliable operation and long-term stability. 

Valve stem extensions

Stem Extensions

Valves are controlled through manipulation of valve stems, and a valve stem extension allows for buried valves to operate above ground level. This creates simple access to the valve without having to implement a more arduous solution such as valve pits, man holes, and other alternatives.

Manual valve gears

Manual Gears

Manual valves are often used to regulate the flow of liquid or gas within a system. In a gear-operated valve, a manually operated wheel or lever is connected to a gear. When the gear turns, it moves a valve disc, which controls the fluid flow. Manual gear valves offer a high level of control and accuracy. Our durable design is made of corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand a broad range of temperatures.

Threaded lugs for valves

Threaded Lugs

Lug-style butterfly valves used in dead-end service generally have a reduced pressure rating. Lug-style valves are unique because both sides of the valve’s body have threaded inserts – which can be adapted for all types of liquid and constraint.

  • 304 & 316 ss available
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Dead-end service
  • Easy to Install

Valve locking devices

Locking Devices

Valve locking devices include butterfly valves, ball valves, and sluice valves. They prevent valves from opening during system repairs and maintenance, which helps to ensure worker safety. TVI’s valve locking devices incorporate durable, corrosion-resistant designs with an easy-to-use color display. We make our devices easy to install to reduce overhead and keep your operation running smoothly.

Steel valve flanges

Valve Flanges

Valve flanges use bolts, gaskets, and other connectors to seal pipes, valves, and other fluid system components together. Although they may be welded together, removable flange hardware allows for easy maintenance, repair, cleaning, and inspection. TVI offers a wide range of corrosion- and temperature-resistant valve flanges with an exceptionally high degree of design accuracy and durability.

Valve fasteners

Valve Fasteners

Valve fasteners are the hardware used to connect components at joints in a fluid system. Common valve fasteners include screws, nuts and bolts, and wing nuts. TVI provides a range of valve fasteners in a variety of materials, including metal alloys, PVC, PP, and PVDF. Our valve cover fasteners are easy to use and inexpensive, with a compact, sturdy design and long service life.

Superior Valve Solutions From TVI

For more than three decades, customers have relied on TVI to provide superior fluid control systems and accessories. We continuously expand our relationships with valve manufacturers to meet our customers’ needs and increase serving capacity. Contact us today to learn more about our valve accessories and other products. 

Valve Accessories