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Month: February 2021

Valve Terminology and Glossary

February 2021

Below are some of the most popular valve-realted pieces of terminology in our glossary. Use the linked text at the bottom of this page to download and view our complete glossary that contains hundreds of terms! Download Our Valve Terminology PDF Butterfly Valve A short face-to-face valve that has a movable vane, in the center […]

2021 COVID-19 Update “Business as Usual”

February 2021

53 South 7th St Emmaus, PA 18049 (p) 610-967-6388 TVI is pleased to announce that we are surviving the pandemic and have not had any major issues in getting inventory.  We have increased our inventory in case a problem starts to occur in 2021 as we are still amid the pandemic and do not know when […]

Check Valves: What You Need to Know

February 2021

The Year of the Check Valve Check valves—also sometimes called one-way or non-return valves—play a vital role in the fluid handling systems of a wide range of industries. By limiting the flow of fluid through a system to a single direction, they eliminate the risk of backflow, overflow, or other conditions that can cause damage […]

Wafer Check Valve vs. Swing Check Valve

February 2021

Check valves are vital to a range of material transfer systems in the industrial and residential sectors. Numerous industries rely on check valves to prevent fluid backflow and maintain consistent pressure within their material transfer systems, including chemical processing, wastewater management, manufacturing, and more.  Two of the most commonly used check valve styles include wafer […]